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Professional Resume of James Frederick Klingener, P.E.

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), 1962
MS, Mechanical Engineering, concentration in Nuclear Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1966

Employment History
1993 - Present President, Brock Engineering, PC, Roxbury, CT
1987 - June 1993: MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA
1984 - 1987: President, Brock Engineering, Roxbury, CT
1981 - 1983: DM Engineering, Brookfield, CT
1980 - 1981: Cumberford Corporation, Stamford, CT
1974 - 1980: Wachter Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
1972 - 1974: DM Engineering, Brookfield, CT
1969 - 1972: Alaska
1962 - 1965: Westinghouse Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, West Mifflin, PA

Licenses and Certifications
Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, State of Alaska

Recent Work Experience
Mr Klingener currently heads a firm that designs and analyzes mechanical devices and structures. The firm has also consulted to The MITRE Corporation (now Mitretek Systems, Inc.) on issues related to the Army's program to dispose of unserviceable chemical weapons.

As a member of the MITRE Technical Staff between 1987 and 1993, Mr. Klingener was principally involved in MITRE's independent evaluation of the Army's program to dispose of its stockpile of unserviceable chemical weapons (see Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization.) The scope of this work encompassed Environmental and Safety Risk Assessments, Program Planning: Life Cycle Cost and Schedule Development. For eight months, Mr. Klingener was part of MITRE's site team that conducted the independent Operational Verification Tests of the Army's first operational incinerator facility, the Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System.

Work Experience
June 1993 - Present: President, Brock Engineering, P. C.

Since returning to private practice, Mr. Klingener's work has encompassed a range of mechanical and structural design, analysis, and evaluation tasks. In addition, under contract he has contributed to analyses and simulations of the army's Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program (CSDP) for The MITRE Corporation. Mr. Klingener co-authored MITRE's assessment of munitions tracking capabilities at the chemical munitions disposal plants on Johnston Island and at Tooele, Utah.

1987 - June 1993: MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia

As a member of MITRE's Technical Staff, Mr. Klingener led and contributed to logistics, cost, safety, and risk studies for the army's CSDP, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy's defense nuclear program, and NASA's shuttle. The scope and nature of the specific tasks are reflected in publications listed later.

1984 - 1987: Brock Engineering (self-employed), Roxbury, Connecticut

Tasks included design, analysis and optimizations of mechanisms, structures, and control systems for industrial robot applications, consumer products, and business furniture.

1981 - 1983: DM Engineering, Brookfield, Connecticut

The principal task was research, development, fabrication, and test of a full size mockup of a high efficiency hydraulic industrial robot.

1980 - 1981: Cumberford Corporation, Stamford, Connecticut

Work as Chief Engineer included design of automotive structures and mechanisms, supervision of draftsmen and designers, development of manufacturing specifications and manufacturing quality assurance program.

1974 - 1980: Wachter Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Assignments at Wachter Associates included (1) construction site technical consultant for the designer at the Fast Flux Test Facility, a liquid metal cooled fast breeder test reactor built in Hanford Washington, (2) design, analysis, licensing support, fabrication, and installation of spent nuclear fuel storage facilities for commercial nuclear reactors, (3) design and in-reactor test of reactor vessel nozzle cladding removal tooling, (4) consulting support for Westinghouse Advanced Reactor Division for the design of large fast breeder reactors.

1972 - 1974: DM Engineering, Brookfield, Connecticut

Work at DM Engineering included design and construction of mechanical equipment.

1969 - 1972: Alaska

Experience in Alaska included both professional work in the Fairbanks Borough Engineer's Office and sub professional work in construction, surveying, and geological exploration.

1962 - 1965: Westinghouse Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

Assignments at Bettis included mechanical and structural design and analysis of naval nuclear reactor cores and core supports.

Computer Experience

a) Hardware and Equipment

Ancestral mainframes, PCs, HP-85, HP-71, micro controllers, industrial process control programmable logic controllers (PLC), IEEE-488, data acquisition and test measurement equipment,

b) Software

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, various microcomputer OSs

Programming Languages: APL, Assembler (for Z80, 8088, 6800, 8051, and various embedded controllers), BASICs, C, C++, Delphi, FORTRAN, HTML, Java, PLC ladder logic, Pascal, PostScript.

Database Management Systems: Access, DBase III, FoxPro, Paradox

Applications: Word processors, spreadsheets, editors, CAD, @RISK simulation add-in for spreadsheets, ProModel simulation modeler, ANSYS finite element stress analysis, symbolic mathematics programs, such as MathCAD, Mathematica, and MAPLE.

Development Tools: PC compiler integrated environments, embedded controller tools

Communications/Network, Protocols, Standards, or Software: IEEE-488, HP-IL

Foreign Languages

High school and graduate school German

Other Skills or Experience

Skilled in drafting, weld design, machining, metal and plastic fabrication; experienced in analysis of vehicle dynamics and design and setup of vehicle structures, aerodynamic features, and suspension systems

Other Technical Interests

Use of personal computers to simulate, analyze mechanical/electronic systems; development of graphical displays to describe behavior, active structures, virtual structural properties. 

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